Extreme Measures: A Thriller

Extreme Measures - Vince Flynn I just finished this book by Vince Flynn. It's only the second of his books I've read, both being "Mitch Rapp" stories. I enjoyed this one and I'm sure for those who have read many of Flynns books starring Mitch Rapp, this one follows along a similar pattern. I guess what I enjoyed most (and I don't usually enjoy "preaching" in stories) is the obvious opinion of our current national attitudes towards the "War on Terror." The current administration, of course, denies there is such a war or at least refrains from using that word. Well, no political correctness in Flynn's book. Congress gets "told." Specifically, the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee. One experiences a certain satisfaction seeing these elected pecksniffian characters get their comeuppance for failing to do what they are supposed to do, that is look out for the best interests of their constituencies. None of them do this and we need to fire all of them and start over. The thrill in this story of one man's fight against political correctness albeit through "extreme measures" gives one satisfaction that backs are being guarded. I purposely mention nothing about the actual story line here as I wouldn't want to spoil the suspense. I've not read all that many books dealing with the subject of terrorism and counterterrorism but I think Vince Flynn has this subject down pat. Read this, you'll enjoy it.