True Blue

True Blue - David Baldacci I just finished reading True Blue, Baldacci's latest. The book did not "track" any of Baldacci's regular characters but rather was the story of Mace Perry, a young woman, formerly a Washington, D.C. police officer, and just released from prison for a crime she did not commit or says she did not commit. Her sister, Elizabeth Perry, is the Police Chief of Washington, D.C. and her father was a United States Attorney for D.C. who had been murdered when Mace was twelve years old. This particular book was, I would have to say, Baldacci's weakest contribution to the world of "thriller" fiction. The story really never picked up until maybe the final twenty pages or so. I didn't do what I normally do with books that retain a slow pace (I usually toss them) but I finished this one. I can't say after finishing that it made any difference. The pace of the story was slow and never really quickened. I know that often times, what appears slow and rather boring to one reader, will not be the same for other and for that reason I wouldn't discourage anyone from reading this latest Baldacci effort. He's written enough compelling stories in the past and shouldn't be put down for one that one reader found to move slowly.