Twisted City (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard)

Twisted City - Jason Starr OK, I accepted the "weird" ending on the first three of Starr's books that I read but I think the ending on this one is the weirdest of all of them. I'm sure that Starr has a purpose in doing this, who knows, maybe it's his trademark, his signature. For some reason though the books are compelling and I would not discourage others from reading them.I "Twisted City" David Miller is a writing for a business magazine and he is eventually promoted to associate editor though I'm not sure if that really had anything to do with the plot. Davie had been a writer for the Wall Street Journal but it is never explained why he suddenly left that publication for the business journal publication. Dave seems to be something of a ladies man. He has been dating Rebecca who is apparently not in her right mind. The book centers around his erratic relationship with her and his ultimate breakup. Sure there are a few murders to keep the story interesting but I'm not going to say any more about those for now because they are intertwined with the weird ending. My guess is the average reader will be disappointed on the very last page.