Hard Feelings

Hard Feelings: A Novel - Jason Starr Richard Segal was a successful network system salesman and consultant who changed jobs and, overnight, became not so successful, successful and....well that's the story. He's married to Paula, a rising star with a Wall Street investment research firm who "has a past." Richard struggles with his alcohol addiction and, apparently, Paula struggles with a sex addiction. The couple argues frequently and the arguments inevitably involve their addictions. Jason Starr writes about middle class people living in New York City and struggling to make ends meet. The stories usually go along at an easy pace when suddenly, what seems to be an innocent plot turns ugly and the ending usually leaves the reader wondering. Hard Feelings is no different from his other novels in this regard. Be prepared to be left with an unsettled feeling when you read the last page of this novel. I will say that Starr's books do catch your attention and do compel you to keep reading. But that's what books are for: To be read and to entertain.